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1.Pick any of your OCs
2.Have them be drunk as hell.
3.Answer the questions
4. Tag

Tagged by: :iconblackflames12:

OC being used: Myself

1. Yo. What's your name?

Whatzz it to ya?

2. What are you drinking? Can I have some? :3

I donnn kno... Itzz probabkly stronk... *takes a swig and belches blue fire in face*

3. Are you even legally allowed to drink at your age?

Ahmmm ovrrr two thouzzann fahking yeerz ol... What the fahk do ya think?

4. Do you have any crushes on anyone?

If *hic* I did... I probableh outlived 'er bah accident.

5. What's their name?

Nobodieee... Now shut ze fahk uhp.

6. I bet you can't tell me your deepest, darkest secret.

HKS: He sezz yer probableh right.

7. You think you can? Prove it.


8. Do you realize what you've just said?

Ahm ah zupozed to care?

9. Your crush is trying to kiss you right now.


10. Just kidding~ <3

Praiz be jeebu

11. Do you any mancrushes/girlcrushes?


12. Who is Batman's secret identity?


13. Who do you think could be God?

At leasht I'd know waht humanitities wants.

14. Who is Superman's secret identity?


15. What's your secret identity?

M-   Ohhh hoh hoh hoh, you almosht had meh.

16. Are you getting hangover yet?

Whatsh a combover? You mean ah manache?

17. Need some medicine?

Ahm a walking crematoriam, wat gud wuld tat do meh?

18. Would you feel better if your crush cuddled you while you rested?

Again, noh!

19. Feel better. It was fun talking to you~

ye ye

20. Bye-Bye~


Tags: I dont tag. Soryy
  • Mood: Tired
  • Watching: Ponies and shit
  • Playing: Dark Souls 2


HongKongSniper's Profile Picture
Andrew G.
United States
I am the HongKongSniper. I have died, gone to hell for 3 days, ressurected by the archangel Samael in turn for absorbing his soul but at the same time absorbed Satan's soul, ended up on the day of Jesus's birth, and lived through the following 2000 someodd years of history back to present time. Through that long period of time I have had a major but hidden effects on history while hunting the unholy of the world. Of the stories I have to tell are many but will be revealed in time. So that was my gmod person backround, but in reality I'm just a brony who loves to play gmod. I also have a youtube channel where I will post a video or two from time to time. I also take requests for reskins in gmod.

My Steam Name is: HongKongSniper

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